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Company History

Company History

April, 2017  SIGLENT Technologies has announced the release of two new X-Series instrument families: The SDS1000X-E Series super phosphor oscilloscopes series and the SDM3065X digital multimeters.

September, 2016. The world’s first economical waveform generator capable of producing square waves to 60 MHz is available in the new SIGLENT Technologies model SDG1062X arbitrary waveform generator.

August, 2016. SIGLENT Technologies introduces the latest member of the X-series: The new 4.5 digit SDM3045X multi-meter.

May, 2016. SIGLENT expands the popular SDS1000X series digital oscilloscopes lineup and updates the SDS1000DL+/CML+ series digital oscilloscopes.

2015.  SIGLENT introduced the X-Instrument family, including the SDS2000X / SDS1000X Series Super Phosphor Oscilloscopes, the SDG2000X Series Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators, SPD3303X Programmable Linear DC Power Supply, and the SSA3000X Series Spectrum Analyzers.

2014.  SDS2000 series oscilloscopes launched

2014.  Siglent America & Siglent Europe Established.

September, 2014.  SIGLENT introduced our High Speed 5 ½-digit multimeter SDM3055/3055A.

December, 2013.   SIGLENT launched the SDG800 series Economy Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator.

November, 2013.  SIGLENT launched the SDS2000 series Super Phosphor Oscilloscope with innovative SPO technology.

November, 2012.  SIGLENT introduced the programmable linear DC power supply SPD3000 series with advanced features including real-time waveform display.

October, 2012.   SIGLENT begins production of the SDG5000 series of function/arbitrary waveform generators with a maximum frequency of 160 MHz. By applying SIGLENT’s original pulse generating technology—EasyPulse, SDG5000 series exhibits superior high amplitude / high-frequency characteristics when compared to similar products.

August, 2012.  SIGLENT launched the economical SHS800 series of handheld oscilloscopes. The SHS800 is one of the best values available in a portable battery powered oscillsoscope.

March, 2012.  SIGLENT launched three families of cost-effective digital oscilloscopes---SDS1000CML, SDS1000CNL and SDS1000DL - with more than ten models fitted with a 7-inch display screen.

August, 2011.  SIGLENT launched the first Isolated Handheld Oscilloscope with full intellectual property rights domestically; the SHS1000 series. It integrates a digital oscilloscope, multimeter and recorder in one portable battery-powered instrument and comes equipped with 5.7- inch “TFT-LCD” display screen, 1GSa/s sampling rate, 2Mpts memory depth and 100 MHz bandwidth.

March, 2011.  SIGLENT introduced the SDG1000 family of Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators with DDS technology, dual channel output, 125 MSa/s sampling rate and up to 50 MHz bandwidth.

February, 2011.  SIGLENT launches an isolated channel input module and provides an easy-to-use, low cost solution for the high power field.

September, 2010.  Siglent begins production of the SDS1000CFL series with four independent channels, 300MHz bandwidth, beautiful attractive functional design and a 7 inch / 8 x 18 display.

June, 2010.  SIGLENT completed the preliminary research of the 2G oscilloscope.

September, 2009.  SIGLENT launched the SDS1000CF family of oscilloscopes with four independent channels and the 300MHz bandwidth, the highest bandwidth of four-channel oscilloscopes domestically.

February, 2009.  SIGLENT introduced the SDS1000CM series of oscilloscopes with 1GSa/s real-time sampling rate and a 2M memory depth - the largest memory depth of this kind.

August, 2008.   SIGLENT launched the SDS1000CE series, available with 60 MHz - 300 MHz bandwidth and 2 GSa/s real-time sampling rate.

September, 2008.   SIGLENT’s products passes US UL certification.

March, 2008.   SIGLENT launched the SDS1000C series.

January, 2008.  SIGLENT began research of the medium-end digital oscilloscope products with a 500 MHz-1GHz bandwidth.

January, 2007.   SIGLENT launched the ADS2000 series of oscilloscopes. This was the first time U disk storage technology and PictBridge printing technology had been introduced into a 1 GSa/s sample rate oscilloscope.

2007.  The series of ADS7000 oscilloscopes were sold in the United States and Western European countries. Sales of the ADS7000 that year exceeded 10,000 units.

October, 2005.   SIGLENT launched the ADS7000 series with the 1 GSa/s sampling rate, EasyHunting technology, and a number of other unique features. EasyHunting allows SIGLENT’s digital oscilloscope’s to improve precision by 2-4 times than the same level of digital oscilloscopes.

2002.  The founders of SIGLENT began a preliminary study of digital oscilloscopes.

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