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Operating Tips

Operating Tips

1. To avoid fire and electric shock, please check all rated values and indications for this instrument.

2. Please read the user manual to obtain more information on the instrument ratings before connecting this instrument. Please avoid rain and excessive moisture from entering this instrument. Prevent any liquid from entering the instrument’s interior as this may cause electrical leakage or damage of components.

3. Please ensure that the power cord is not damaged. If the oscilloscope is used for extended time periods, please check the power cord is in good condition to avoid an accidents.

4. Please do not disassemble the instrument unless performed by qualified personnel. For your safety, please do not apply excessive pressure to components and remember that the circuit boards are energized.

5. If any metal objects are dropped into the instrument through the cooling vents please ask the qualified personnel for assistance in opening the back cover, and retrieval of the metal object. If the metal object is not removed, a damaging short circuit may occur.

6. This instrument in connected to ground through its power cord. In order to prevent potential shock, grounding must be maintained through a grounded conductor.

7. Please do not touch the bare metal parts and components when you are testing. Weak electric signals will be easily influenced by the environment. When you are testing the weak electric signal, please reduce the influence of the surroundings on the measurement integrity. Otherwise, errors can occur. When making various types of signals, please ensure that the correct type of oscilloscope probe is being used. For example, please use a High Voltage Attenuation Probe when testing the High Voltages. Please use a Current Probe when measuring current. Please use a Differential Probe when making differential measurements and a single oscilloscope channel.

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