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Application Note

Application Note

  • Electromagnetic Compliance: Troubleshooting with Near-Field and Curren..
  • Electromagnetic Compliance: Pre-ComplianceConducted Emissions Testing
  • Electromagnetic Compliance: Pre-Compliance Test Basics
    Today’s products are subjected to more standardized test requirements than ever before. These standards (UL, CE, and others) ensure consumer safety and add to ..
  • Interpolated DDS Technique in SDG2000X
    As can be seen in the data sheet for Siglent’s SDG2000X arbitrary waveform generator series, the sampling rate specification (1.2 GSa/s) is followed by a note ..
  • Measuring Filter Characteristics Using the SSA3000X Spectrum Analyzer
    A filter is a universal, two-port, frequency-selective device used in a wide variety of electronic circuits and applications. A low-pass filter is one which pas..
  • Generating Multi-Phase Waveforms -- SDG Generator
  • How to observe the ripple of the power supply by Siglent digital stora..
  • EasyPulse Technology of Siglent’s New-Generation Waveform Generator
    At present, the method used to generate pulse signal by most of the signal generator is to fill the DDS waveform memory with the original pulse data.

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