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Handheld Oscilloscope
SHS800 Series
Model Type Description
Probes Optional Click on the picture to see a listing of available accessory probes.
Passive Probe Optional PB470; PP510; PP215; PP430
Current Probe Current Probe CP4020; CP4050; CP4070; CP4070A; CP5030; CP5030A; CP5150; CP5500
High Voltage Probe Optional Bandwidth: 40MHz; Maximum input differential voltage DC:10KV; AC(rms):7KV(sine);AC(Vpp):20KV(Pulse); attenuation ratio1:1000; Accuracy:≤3%
High Voltage Differential Probe Optional DPB5150, DPB5150A, DPB5700, DPB5700A, DPB4080
USB cable Standard accessories Standard USB cable. Also available separately.
Multimeter probes Standard One pair of multimeter pen test leads (1000V)
Car Charger Optional 12VDC car charger for SHS handheld oscilloscopes
SHS-SCC Standard Carrying case for SHS handheld oscilloscopes
Quick Start Standard Printed Quick Start Guide (English)
Power Adapter Standard Power adapter 9V 4A(Load output voltage: 9V 4A) Switching Power Supply
SHS-BAT Optional SHS1000/SHS800 Battery: 7.4V,5400mAh

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