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Waveform Generator
SDG2000X Series
SDG2000X Series function/arbitrary waveform generator
SDG2000X Series function/arbitrary waveform generator
Siglent SDG2000X Arb Function Generator First Look
Dave takes a look at the new Siglent SDG2122X / SDG2042X Arb Generator and compares it to the older Siglent SDG5082. 1.2GS/s arb gen for US$499!
Siglent SDG2122X Arb Generator Teardown
The new Siglent SDG2122X X-Series Arb Function Generator Teardown. Now in 4K resolution option.
Find the 3dB point of a filter using an oscilloscope and function generator
In this video, I use a SIGLENT SDG2122X arbitrary waveform generator and an SDS2304X oscilloscope to find the 3dB point of an RF filter. Also, confirmed it using an SSA3032X Spectrum Analyzer.

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