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Waveform Generator

        The signal generator is for generating a test signal with specific parameters required for the test.

        SIGLENT currently has three series of function / arbitrary waveform generators, the SDG800, SDG1000, and the SDG5000. Each of these generators uses advanced DDS digital frequency synthesis technology to produce high quality standard function and arbitrary waveform signals. They also provide a variety of analog and digital modulation functions. The SDG800 and SDG5000 series use Siglent’s EasyPulse technology that provides a high stability output, with lowjitter, allowing extremely small duty cycles, along with a wide range of pulse widths and edge times.

        The SIGLENT function/arbitrary waveform generator range includes models with up to 512Kpts of data. By using Siglent’s EasyWave arbitrary waveform software, the generators can produce complex arbitrary waveforms. They can also be connected seamlessly to SIGLENT oscilloscopes, which allows the signals captured by the oscilloscope to be loaded into the signal generator and later used as output from the generator.

        SIGLENT function/arbitrary waveform generator models have output frequencies up to 160MHz. They have a maximum sampling rate of up to 500MSa/s and arbitrary waveform length up to 512K sample points. Vertical resolution is 14 bits and is available in single and dual channel models. All have large LCD displays. The front panel design is user-friendly and the simple keyboard layout gives users a remarkable experience. SIGLENT function/arbitrary waveform generators also provide a variety of input and output interfaces that make it easy to implement remote control and other special applications.

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