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Product Release

Product Release

Siglent Technologies introduces the latest member of the X-series: The New 4.5 digit SDM3045X multimeter
  • Published:2016-08-10
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August 10, Shenzhen, China: Siglent Technologies is proud to announce the introduction of the newest member of the popular X-series: The new SDM3045X series multmeter. This latest addition is the 7th product to earn the X family designation. 

SDM3045X delivers high performance with a surprising price tag. The meter features  4½ digit (60000 count) measurement resolution and incorporates an easy-to-read large format dual-display. It is well suited for basic troubleshooting and educational lab environments in which simple and convenient measurements are required, but it also includes high-speed measurement and mass storage capabilities. The SDM3045X  multimeter continues to deliver the high performance and exceptional value that you have come to expect from Siglent.


▪ Real 4½ digit (60000 count) reading resolution
▪ Up to 150 rdgs/s measurement rate
▪ True-RMS AC Voltage and AC Current measuring
▪ 1Gb NAND flash size, Mass storage configuration files and data files
▪ Built-in cold junction compensation (CJC) for thermocouple measurements
▪ Free PC software: EasyDDM provides convenient data logging capabilities
▪ Standard interfaces include: USB Device, USB Host, LAN 
▪ User-friendly Design
▪ 4.3” TFT-LCD display with 480x272 pixel count
▪ Supports dual display, includes Chinese and English Menus
▪ Built-in front panel accessible help system
▪ File management (support for U-disc and local storage)
▪ USB & LAN remote interfaces support common SCPI command set. Compatible with other popular DMMs on the market.SDM3045X supports histogram, trend chart, bar chart and up to 7 types of common measurements. 

 SDM3045X supports histogram, trend chart, bar chart and up to 7 types of common measurements. 

Here are some typical measuring types and their advantages:

Histograms clearly display the measured values probability distribution and plots the trend curve for that measurement sequence.



Trends can help users quickly find the source of the problem by displaying the plot of the measurements vs. time.

Bar graph measurements directly reflect the measured value graphically. This provides a convenient indication of the measured value. The display range can be set automatically and you can also manually set the test limits.

Siglent attaches great importance to research and development. We remain competitive through continuous technology innovation and strict quality control. Keep up with Siglent Technologies as we continue to bring customers more practical, cost-effective and innovative products!

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