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Siglent Activity

Siglent Activity

Get Free Serial Decode Option and Save 15% on SDS1000X/X+
  • Published:2017-03-27
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Siglent Technologies has announced its ‘Big Sale on SDS1000X/X+’ promotion, that offers customers a free serial bus decode optionas well as a 15% discount on our SDS1000X/X+ series super phosphor oscilloscopes. The offer applies to purchases of new SDS1102X/X+ and SDS1202X/X+ oscilloscopes from an authorized SIGLENT distributor and is in effect between now until July 1, 2017.

With this promotion, customers can choose from this popular oscilloscope line and receive a discounted price as well as receive a free serial-decode-bus option. The SDS1000X/X+ oscilloscopes feature a 1 GSa/s sampling rate and 14 Mpts memory depth. It also incorporates SIGLENT’s new SPO technology, which provides for high waveform capture rates, 256-level intensity grading and color temperature display, digital triggering and long memory depth.

In order to take advantage of the promotion,contact Siglent directly or one of our authorized distributors while this promotion is on. Save some good money on some great oscilloscopes!

1. All the SDS1000X/X+ series oscilloscopes must be newly purchased from an authorized SIGLENT distributor or directly from Siglent America. 
2. This promotion is in effect between April2, 2017 and July1, 2017.
3. Please feel free to contact us:
4. SIGLENT TECHNOLOGIES reserves all the right to make any and all final decisions regarding this campaign.

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