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Product Release

Product Release

SIGLENT Announces the Release of Four-channel SDS1000X-E Series Digital Oscilloscopes
  • Published:2017-11-26
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Shenzhen, November 27, 2017 SIGLENT Technologies has announced the release of a new four-channel SDS1000X-E series of digital oscilloscopes.

The SIGLENT SDS1000X-E four-channel series are equipped with a 7-inch display having a resolution of 800 * 480, and come in bandwidths of up-to 200 MHz. SIGLENT’s SPO technology results in excellent signal fidelity and some of the lowest noise in this class of products. The SDS1000X-E has a minimum vertical sensitivity of 5 00μV / div and boasts a waveform memory of up to 14 MPts. Zooming in on captured traces is fast and easy, without losing resolution.It comes with a full complement of measurement and math functions and includes a 1 M point FFT function, providing for a more detailed spectrum trace.With its powerful math co-processor, measurements are made quickly and easily on the entire waveform, not just the displayed portion.

The new four-channel scope versions build on the great 2-channel platform by including even morepowerful features in order to further meet the requirements of engineers!


Bode Plot

The SDS1000X-E four-channel series of oscilloscopes can perform both amplitude vs. frequency and phase vs. frequency characterization of devices. The results can be displayed in a Bode plot or list and can be exported. The scanning source is an optional USB arbitrary waveform generator module or independent SIGLENT SDG instrument.

USB Arbitrary Waveform Generator Module

The SDS1000X-E four-channel series can directly control a 25 MHz USB arbitrary waveform generator module (option) via the USB Host. This AWG option supports sine wave,square wave, triangular wave, pulse wave, noise, DC and 45 built-in arbitrary waveforms.

USB WIFI Adapter

The SDS1000X-E four-channel series can also be accessed through the USB Host using the USB wireless communication module (option), which can provide wireless communication via a WiFi connection. With this option, the oscilloscope can be networked into a wireless system and controlled remotely.

Remote Control via Web Page

SDS1000X-E four-channel series utilizes an embedded Web Server in order to easily enable remote control of the oscilloscope using a web browser. This now eliminates the need to install a special driver and host computer software. Users can use their browser to observe the waveform and obtain measurement results. In addition to eliminating the need for more complex installation, this allows the measuring computer to be located away from harsh environments.

16 Digital Channels/MSO

Capture and characterize up-to 16 digital and analog signals by using the Mixed Signal (MSO) option for the four-channel X-E family. This option adds the ability to trigger and capture digital signals in addition to the four analog channels and is recommended for digital debugging applications. 

Search and Navigation

The SDS1000X-E four-channel series can automatically search for a specific frame by specifying conditions and identifying the search results. Combined with the new navigation function the user can quickly locate the event of interest, saving time spent while not having to search multiple frames of data. The navigation function can display the search results by time and event, or you can navigate through the history frames. This allows engineers to quickly search the pertinent data, displaying only on the waveform(s) in question while ignoring the large amounts of data stored in the scopes memory.

SIGLENT Technologies is committed to excellence in product quality and service.In November 2016, Siglent released the SDS1000X-E series of two-channel SPO oscilloscopes,which we believe to be the highest performance oscilloscope available in its class. "Double the scope at half the price" is our theme for this oscilloscope. But we didn’t stop there - with the four-channel series release, not only have we expanded the series to include a 4 channel version, we have also added a number of practical features, adding significant features and benefits to this already powerful family.SIGLENT has been committed to becoming the world’s leading test and measurement equipment brand.

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